Comprehensive college applicant services are offered for students in 8th through 12th grades and include:



Curricular and Standardized Testing Guidance: Curricular choices, academic rigor, grades and test scores are extremely important in the college admissions process. Emily will help you choose your classes each school year, evaluate the rigor of your schedule, and contemplate when and how to approach your standardized testing plans.

Extracurricular Leadership Mentoring and Summer Activity Selection: Emily is particularly passionate about helping students discover their interests. She will guide you through the high-school years, helping you to “connect the dots” of your intellectual and extracurricular interests, during school years and summers.

Creation of a College List: Combining her knowledge of college and university programs and specific admissions requirements with your personal needs and interests, Emily will help you develop and refine a list of schools to which to apply.

Essay Brainstorming and Editing: Emily will guide you through the essay brainstorming process and help you to develop topics that will allow you to engage the admissions officers, while communicating important and compelling information about you. She will ensure that your unique voice comes through and that you are proud of the written work that you submit to colleges. When you have produced original written work, she will edit your writing for content, grammar and usage. Her approach will transform the essay writing process into a productive and enjoyable journey of self-discovery.

Application Completion: Emily will help you approach, answer and edit all written components of your applications.

Interview Technique: The college interview is an opportunity for you to meet a college representative and to communicate your interests and passions face-to-face. Emily will help you to analyze and perfect your interview technique and answer commonly asked questions. Your preparation will culminate in a mock interview.

  • Services are provided in comprehensive packages.
  • Stand-alone strategy sessions are available.

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